The Shadow Prophet launches on Webtoon

Today, the drama series The Shadow Prophet by Dutch comic creator Marissa Delbressine has launched on the digital platform Webtoon. I am happy to be co-writing the project!

The Shadow Prophet launches with the first three episodes (available for free!), and three more episodes available as paid fast-pass content. Further episodes will become available weekly on Sunday, one episode per week (free and fast-pass).

Ab sofort läuft die Drama-Serie The Shadow Prophet aus der Feder der niederländischen Comic-Künstlerin Marissa Delbressine auf der digitalen Plattform Webtoon. Ich freue mich, die Serie als Koautorin mitzugestalten!

The Shadow Prophet startet  mit den ersten drei Episoden (kostenlos!) sowie drei weiteren Episoden als Bezahl-Fast-Pass-Content. Weitere Episoden folgen wöchentlich immer sonntags, eine Episode pro Woche (sowohl kostenlos als auch via Fast-Pass). Die Serie ist bis auf Weiteres in englischer Sprache verfügbar.

Summary / Inhalt:

The Great Prophet Godo has a place for everyone in his perfect society… so long as you aren’t a failure. Itshou is living a diligent and sheltered life when she suddenly finds herself denounced and marked for exile. While her beliefs are shaken to their very core, a chance encounter with a childhood sweetheart derails Itshou’s banishment and puts her on the path to political uprising. Now facing down the same forces she once trusted to protect her, Itshou must untangle the web of lies at the heart of her city and unmask the Shadow Prophet.